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Saturday, 24 May 2014

Searching for geneticists

The problem is, after all just a little bit more complicated.
To stimuli from the environment because everybody reacts differently
Sometimes you just get fat even after a ten day cream horns, others grow fat and "water".
The causes of these differences are searching geneticists and molecular biologists have for decades.
To their misfortune, it is a phenomenon that has affected such a huge number of factors to look for his unequivocal cause is actually a lot worse than looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack.

True happiness in the pursuit of other information that European researchers, led by experts from the British Imperial College London.

For people with extreme obesity because they managed to find a rare genetic mutation of unprecedented proportions

 Most mutations lie in the confusion of one "letters" of the genetic code for another.
 Among this type of mutations that result in the most functional or poorly functional protein were all that were previously in connection with obesity discovered.

There is also the type of mutation, which scientists call deletions. Such mutations prepare their wearers even a whole long piece of DNA molecules, often one that carries several genes.
It is this type of mutation was discovered in the very obese people on chromosome 16p11.2. The researchers hope that their discovery is the beginning of our better understanding of the nature of inheritance of excessive thickness.