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Friday, 25 October 2013

Baby Steps to Weight Loss

Since you're here - I'm assuming you want or are trying to lose weight. It's no big secret - the key to weight loss success is a healthy diet with regular exercise. We all know that - but what are we doing about it? maybe 9 out of 10 people reading this are doing nothing to improve their health and lose weight. no need to raise your hand - you know who you are.

Do not worry, my hands are somewhat raised. . . Here are some easy weight loss tips for all of us (I include myself in this group) who want to lose weight but for one reason or another lack the motivation to follow by exercise or diet with plans to see real results.

Of course, if you do not - the exact amount of success you have. exactly what I hope to instill, at least some of you, is that you can achieve better health and lose weight with small some changes in your daily life. nothing drastic like a strenuous exercise program or unhealthy such as hunger. . . . Just a few simple things that you get better looking and the most important part - feel better about yourself. It's all about baby steps. Personally, I am not terribly overweight. According to my "ideal weight" I am still about 20-30 pounds overweight - but ideal weight is an estimate only.

One of the poor. Do not judge yourself by what a book or some diagram tells you that you should weigh. know what weight you want to achieve? being the most important question. Set a goal for yourself, and start small. it is the small victories that lead to winning the war so to speak. it's the small victories in losing weight that gives you hope, and when your hope is growing, it causes motivation and action. Maybe not to the point that you feel like you can commit to running a half an hour a day, or by using a treadmill, or just eat tofu - and that's ok. Like I said before - it's all about baby steps. baby steps for losing weight here are some small things you can do to help you shed pounds: start with breakfast seems pretty simple & straightforward.

I never used to eat breakfast. I'd eat one to two times a day (if) but not until some time after I woke up. My normal meal time is about 7-8 and sometime after midnight. breakfast will help get your metabolism going. . . which is a problem for me and many of you. After a certain age changes in the body - it happened to me at 26. Some people are just blessed - they are in their 30's, 40's, 50's or older and they maintain the same weight as they were in high school (without having to work on it, I might add) . I bet you would be the case for you. meals several times daily eat many small meals a day will help keep your metabolism running.

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