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Monday, 28 October 2013

How to Keep Your Healthy Weight Loss ... After you lose it

My sympathy goes to anyone who has a problem with keeping weight off. As a teenager, I was a "yo-yo dieter". I tried all methods of weight loss of my day. And I actually lose weight! Every time! My problem is that I got it back easier than I had lost it.

Every time! I kept wondering, "WHY?" Then I got married and had my first child (who was actually "child" twins), I will continue to be so busy and have so little sleep that I actually lost weight. So I forgot about dieting for several years . 40 My Weight Problem returns My weight was never a problem again until I hit 40. All of a sudden, it seems as though everything I eat fat switch. Unless you have come to the magical milestone, you do not understand.

This is the hormones. It seems only logical thing to do, is to get the diet bandwagon again, but that proved very discouraging. Several years later and quite by accident, I finally discovered the "secret" to successful compliance my weight steady. This is not counting calories or starving myself. Indeed, I am almost ashamed to say that I have a healthy appetite and actually eat more than most of my friends who are overweight. Accidentally discovered secret for ever needing to Diet Again Actually, I got my weight my healthy levels without really trying. happened when I started concentrating on learning what foods to eat and what should I avoid to be healthy. (I'm tired of not feeling well.)

In fact, for the past 12 years, I just weighed myself a couple of times a year, and just for curiosity - or if I need to fill out a medical form or something. Reducing Calories Never cause of Permanent Weight Loss I do not care if you use the doctor's prescription, pills, drinks, points or anything else in your attempt to get thin. Limiting food by counting your calories is a sure way to sabotage your desire to be thinner. A trouble every time your body sets its thermostat to use a certain amount of calories to feed your current body size. That means that if you start eating less calories, your body is confused and thinks it should cause hunger, so it starts to burn less calories (fuel it gets from food) and offer store the rest. It's surprising how you can easily start surviving on less food.

Of course, you have less energy then, and also very hungry but as long as you force yourself to stay on that diet, you do not store fat. Nevertheless, after you reach your goal weight, and start normal food - guess what? You guessed right, you eat more than your body's thermostat is now set for, so the extra food stored for emergencies in the form of fat discouraging. Thankfully I Learned About The Value Of Protein Thankfully, I learned the secrets of how important protein is for my body. Protein is needed by the hair, skin, nails, muscles, nerves and every other cell in your body. So as I learned which healthy diet contains protein, I started eating more of them. And to my surprise, I began to lose weight. The secret is that my body uses more energy to digest protein than was the food itself.

The truth about protein makes it the number one weight loss diet. Protein is also necessary to produce our immune cells to fight the disease. Two types of protein However, there are complete and incomplete proteins, so do not be fooled by the label of the product. Meats, poultry, fish, cheese, milk, and eggs are the all time best source of complete protein your body type be used in each cell. The easy way to eat healthy, eat enough of the good proteins to keep your body strong (at least 20 grams per meal) and then add enough fruits and vegetables (as many raw as possible) to fill you up.

You can not go wrong if you follow the diet plan and add a moderate amount of whole grains, no white bread, pasta or rice and good fats. Required Fat Good fats are necessary - you have no doubt heard about the "essential fatty acids". they are called essential because we can not live without them. The most healthy fat is extra virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, butter and avocados. Butter and eggs both contain nutrients that protect us from heart disease.

During the years that unwisely They are tabooed in our country, heart disease has increased at an alarming rate! Whole grain breads are better for you if you spread butter on them than if you eat them plain. One of the main reasons for the high rate of obesity in our country is the "fat free" products that flood our grocery stores.

The rate of increase in obesity corresponded to the rate of increase of these products. If you follow the plan in this article, you will be surprised at how easy it becomes not only lose weight, but to maintain your desired weight. If you are convinced that you also need to cut down on the amount of food, you may want to try the new rage is not a drug or a "fat blocker" but rather all natural, tasteless and odorless food "sprinkle" to help reduce the desire to overeat. I'm endorsing this product or selling it, but there is a website where you can try a free sample today if you are interested.

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