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Friday, 25 October 2013

Hellebore slimming application

Hellebore slimming application - The use of hellebore is recommended for weight loss in the form of powder from the root of a plant. It must drink boiled water, which is cooled to room temperature. Taken in the morning for 2-3 hours before eating, if you seem bitter powder, you can add a bit of honey, about 1/4 tsp Evening reception has not any sense, so do not give any performance.

The maximum dose is 200 micrograms or 1/4 tsp General advice - To the effect of slimming Caucasian hellebore was the highest, you need to follow the below rules:

• The refusal of meals in the evening before bedtime - The meal portions should be small, but it is necessary to diversify the diet of foods that will not interfere with the overall process of losing weight.

• During treatment with more visit the fresh air, you need to keep your muscles toned and do moderate exercise.

 Contraindications - Like any other drug, hellebore has contraindications. You cannot use it during pregnancy and lactation. Be sure to use a consultation with a doctor, maybe you will be such a problem renal or hepatic failure, in such diseases cannot use this drug, except in rare cases.

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