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Monday, 28 October 2013

Belly Fat Diet

A belly fat diet is one that provides fewer calories than you consume. Do not worry , no need for you to count calories : you just have to read a bit about the best foods that support fat loss . Furthermore , it is important to determine which foods hinder the weight loss process and eliminate them from your diet .

Here are some suggestions you may find useful. A belly fat diet should be balanced , with a greater emphasis on what is natural and healthy. We should also point out that belly fat diet is not by anything different from a regular diet weight loss that targets the entire system .

 Protein ! The best sources of protein are lean meat like fish ( tuna , trout or salmon ) and chicken. Important proteins can be taken from nuts and soy products too .

 Carbohydrates ! There are good and bad carbohydrates ; need to find those that support a belly fat diet efficiently. You get them from wholegrain cereals , brown rice , fruits and vegetables. Pastas , white bread , cookies , crackers and sweets contain bad carbohydrates that turn into fat deposits , increase blood sugar levels and cause imbalances in the system .

 Healthy fats ! Oily acids like omega 3 , 6 and 9 promote good health in many ways : not only do they melt away fat , but they also reduce cholesterol levels , strengthen the cardiovascular system and detoxify the organs . Good fat is taken from fish like salmon and tuna , from nuts , seeds and almonds . Extra virgin olive oil and butter are another great resource here . Margarines and animal fat is completely out of the question when it comes to designing a belly fat diet . Such foods are the exact opposites of healthy nutrition . Vegetables and fruits ! This nutritional group is essential for weight loss by the amount of vitamins , minerals and fibers that fresh food contains . Two or three servings of fruit per day , preferably between meals , will make you feel in great shape .

 Do not have fruit together with meat for instance , because you can cause excessive fermentation at the level of the digestive tract . It is not difficult to create a belly fat diet , but a good level of fitness is achieved only if you support it with regular physical activity , proper hydration and good night's rest . Supplements help little if you do not meet the above mentioned conditions. Therefore , do not fool yourself into believing that you can eat junk food and binge all you want and still lose weight with the help of some wonder supplement .

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