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Monday, 28 October 2013

Exercise and movement burns calories

I'm starting a new diet - Diets are short-term, temporary; do not lead to the goal. You are preparing to change the long term. You get new friends, friends with the same motivation and determination. Money invested in your health and new lifestyle you back and it literally make gradual changes.

Plan your daily activities - Exercise and movement burns calories and lead to a satisfied feeling. And also reduce appetite. The revolutionary changes tend to disappear just as radically. Gradual changes have a chance to stay with you permanently.

Write a list of your long-term goals. It may be, for example to achieve a certain weight, for the short term. If you want a year and a day to lose ten or twenty pounds, ask how much you want to lose this week, next month and follow along. The decline in received calories and increasing physical activity should have its own order. Do not throw away your bad habit at a time.

Gradually is the key to success. Foods from refined white sugar for brown sugar counting calories is difficult especially at the beginning, after a short time you will know the caloric intake in the form of consumption of various foods at a glance. Likewise, you soon will learn healthy recipes. Everything must be done gradually, does not be discouraged first failure, and most importantly: everything has its time.

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