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Friday, 25 October 2013

For weight loss

Dr. Dukan began operations in France and worked as a dietician. He's worked a lot of show business stars. Sound advice it is widely distributed throughout the world, as evidenced by its popularity in our country. So popular it has helped to get them published a book on how to lose weight.

He wrote e1 200. Its name is "I do not know how to lose weight." This book came in second place in marketability. The publication of this book began when he helped his friend, developing a diet for him. It is not strange, but the result was not long in coming. It's after 5 days of his friend, who was suffering from obesity, dropped 3 pounds.

The method was based on the fact that the patient ate only protein food and water. This is the most important principle Dukan diet - eating foods rich in protein. During this diet patients do not suffer from hunger, do not resort to brutal training, and eat as much as is required by the body to get enough.

As shown from protein foods can be cooked a hearty, healthy and delicious meal, without harm to the figures. Current diet propagation time depends on the initial weight of the patient on his desired result. All figures are calculated on an individual basis. For someone diet can last anywhere from 1 month to half a year, but for someone, and up to one year.

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