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Friday, 25 October 2013

The effect of the Caucasian hellebore

In the roots of Helleborus contains many substances that have a beneficial effect on the body, in particular with vitamins D, C, E, essential oils, polysaccharides. But along with these properties are also included in the composition of toxic substances. This is a group of glycosides, which have an impact on the heart muscle, causing it to operate in emergency mode.

The effect of the Caucasian hellebore - Primarily, hellebore completely normalizes metabolism cleans intestine reduces blood sugar and detoxifies and toxic substances from the body. It also has good diuretic properties, which in turn displays the excess liquid, allowing reducing weight. Using hellebore for weight loss, you cannot be afraid that you will fold; the body will always keep fresh and interesting contours. The plant brings a great contribution to the health of the body, it cleanses the liver and has a choleretic effect, causing the liver becomes original appearance also treatable with hellebore and the nervous system and the immune system.

With prolonged use of hellebore, it loses its laxative properties, but cleaning the body continues. Specific recommendations - Throughout the weight loss is necessary to monitor the state of health, and if you suddenly notice intestinal disorder, you should reduce the dosage of the drug, until a normal stool. The maximum course of treatment is 1 year, 6 months after admission; need to take a break for about a month.

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