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Friday, 25 October 2013

Weight loss after pregnancy, a realist approach

Weight loss after pregnancy is a major issue for women. During pregnancy, a woman can get around 25-35 pounds. After delivery, she lost around 12-22 pounds. This leaves around 12-22 pounds that he has to deal with. The key is to remember that it is possible to lose all this weight and regain shape. become true many women are influenced by celebrity moms and their goal to lose weight in a short span of time. This is a very unrealistic approach to a complex issue.

Celebrity moms with expert fitness trainers, dieticians, etc., with them all night. It is therefore, very important to keep realistic targets, with patience, and hard work. therefore, after your pregnancy period is over you are certainly going to be thinking about losing all the weight you gained.

However, you should not rush into things. Before you begin any exercise or diet after pregnancy, it is best to consult your doctor. After he gives you the green signal, you can start all earnest. Helpful Tips Here are some weight loss tips to help you along the way, for the first three months post partum, do not go on a diet. Dieting is not good especially if you are breastfeeding your child. Eat a healthy well balanced diet. ensure that you eat lot of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Remember that you have just delivered your body needs time to heal. Instead of eating some heavy meals, you should focus on eating several small healthy meals every day. Avoid sugar, caffeine, processed foods, and sodium.

 You can start with slow exercises, such as walking. Just be active around the house and you will start seeing a positive trend in your weight loss. Pregnancy weight gain is natural and unavoidable. Yes, some women gain more weight than others and some women lose weight faster than others do. It is best to maintain a healthy diet during and after pregnancy. Keep yourself active. Walking is a great form of exercise to keep your weight in check. Once your body has healed after pregnancy, you can go on a diet and exercise plan for losing weight. aerobics, jogging, swimming, yoga, etc. are some of the exercises that you can take.

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