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Monday, 28 October 2013

Make of exercise and movement on daily basis

Make of exercise and movement normal part of your everyday life. Soon forget the time when you are trained. On days when you go to practice, you can take only limited possibilities. In this case, less is better. Park the car further than usual, walk up the stairs.

In short, take advantage of every opportunity to move. Eat less and more - Smaller meals help fight off hunger, which leads to great eating. It is also a relatively simple way to enrich the diet with fruits and vegetables.

Keep healthy foods on hand, on the other hand, avoid fast food by far apples, raisins to put in a drawer of the table. Immediately banish your cravings for unhealthy sweets, lollies, chocolate. Carrots, bananas, grapes, all help to supply the body with necessary fiber, drive appetite for sweets. Almost every recipe can be changed and a large portion reduced by half.

How small are your portions to be? That's a simple question and so the answer is simple. Serving between meals should be between 100-150 calories snickers bar and like her are definitely more. Small portions of cheese Cracker greased peanut butter or your favorite nutela has a very small amount of caloric content up to 250 calories. If you select fruits, vegetables, you can be sure that you comply with the required caloric intake.

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